Tin and segmental fences

Tin fences are a combination of good price, aesthetics and durability.

The tin fence is one of the most popular types of fences because it is durable (powder coated), modern and blends perfectly with any building facade, requiring no maintenance. We can make a tin fence with different lengths of fence boards, different angles of inclination of the fence boards. We manufacture and sell fence panels as separate elements, packaged according to segments. The tin fence can be available in various colors and finishes (matte, glossy or wood imitation).

Segmental fences are an extremely popular choice due to their versatility and unique ability to adapt them to your needs. The advantages of a segmental fence are quick installation, long-term use with minimal maintenance and an affordable price.

We manufacture and build fences in Klaipėda and all Lithuania. And since we are tin folding professionals, we will also offer all the necessary fence tinning elements for fences.

Product catalog

Rhombus 80

  • Standard installation
  • 9 tables per 1m2

Rhombus 130

  • Standard installation
  • 10 tables per 1m2

Christmas tree 100

  • Standard installation
  • 10 tables per 1m2

Christmas tree 105

  • Standard installation
  • 8 tables per 1m2

Blind 30

  • Standard installation
  • 11 tables per 1m2

Blind 50

  • Standard installation
  • 10 tables per 1m2


  • Standard installation
  • 7 tables per 1m2

U-type trough to the pole

  • Standard installation
  • 30x60mm

Fence boards

Fence made of tin fence boards (bark boards) is long-lasting and almost maintenance-free, as it is made of tin with a special anti-corrosive pural layer. Even if one fence board is accidentally scratched or more seriously damaged, it is not a problem to dismantle it and replace it with a new one.

We can offer tin fence boards of different thicknesses from 0.45mm to 0.6mm and with several different coatings.

Fence panels are manufactured according to the needs of each customer. Both vertical and horizontal installation is possible.

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