Rain drainage systems

We sell Scandinavian-type steel rain drainage systems: small system 125/87 and large rain drainage system 150/100. We supply directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries, so we can offer a very good price.

The rain drainage system is made of 0.6 mm steel sheet, coated with zinc (quantity – 275 grams per square meter), so the system does not succumb to atmospheric temperature fluctuations – it does not crack or deform (this is why it is superior to plastic). The system is protected from corrosion by up to a 55 micron thick Pural polymer layer covering the tin on both sides. One of the main advantages is simplicity and quick assembly. The system has a 10-year warranty.

Advantages of metal rain drainage systems:

  • Service life is longer than that of plastic downpipes;
  • Solid appearance;
  • Strong rain drainage construction;
  • Resistant to temperature changes;

Lietaus nuvedimo sistemos dalys

The rain drainage system consists of the following components:

  • Rain pipe (length: 1m, 2m or 3m. Diameter: 87mm or 100mm.);
  • Duct (diameter: 125mm or 150mm. Length: 4m);
  • Gutter holder, small – Gutter holder for attaching the gutter to the wall or eaves;
  • Gutter bracket (lengths: 160mm, 210mm) – designed to screw the curved bracket to the slat;
  • Gutter angle internal 90°;
  • Gutter angle external 90°;
  • Channel angle internal 135°;
  • Gutter angle external 135°;
    Gutter finishing element – used to close the end of the gutter to prevent water from leaking;
  • Gutter connecting element – for connecting gutters;
  • Gutter slope – designed to connect the gutter and downspout, ensures water flow into the downspout;
  • Upper elbow – used to connect downspouts in bends, when the eaves stand away from the wall;
  • Downspout end element – the last element of the rain drainage system that leads water away from the foundation;
  • Downspout attachment element for attachment to a tree;
  • Downspout fastening element for fastening to masonry;
  • Screws with a pin (possible lengths: 200mm or 250mm);
  • Downspout connecting element for connecting a cut downspout;
  • Tee – used to connect two downspouts into one. Has an additional side connection, the angle of which can be adjusted from 50 to 80 degrees;
  • Downspout channel – designed to divert water to another container.

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