Canning works

We are canning professionals who have been doing this job for 25 years. We do canning in Klaipėda and in all Lithuania, we provide guarantees for canning works.

The purpose of tinning is to seal the roof, ensuring that water and snow do not enter the building. When tinning the roof, it is necessary to install the correct drainage of rainwater, preventing water from lingering on the roof covering. It is extremely important to qualitatively and aesthetically seal those areas of the roof where there are chimneys or other elements coming out of the roof – skylights, ventilation chimneys.

Chimney caulking is extremely important, when not only the junction of the roof and the chimney is sealed, but also a chimney cap or canopy is made, which protects the chimney from direct precipitation.

We sheathe chimneys, install gutters and downpipes, weatherboards, ridges, parapets and everything else that is needed to fully equip the roof. We also perform other tinning works – we install tin window sills, ventilation systems.