Fence Installation

Consultation and Planning
We always clarify the customer’s needs and desired fence installation work. Based on the customer’s preferences, we calculate the length, height, and materials of the fence. We manufacture and have the ability to deliver.

Preparatory Work
We prepare the fence installation area. We mark the locations of fence posts with markers and determine the exact fence line.

Drilling and Fence Post Installation
We install fence posts in prepared holes, ensuring their stability and levelness.

Concrete Pouring
We fill the holes with concrete and allow it to dry for the recommended time. After pouring concrete, we ensure that the posts are securely attached and properly leveled.

Fence Installation
We attach fence panels to the posts using appropriate fastening elements (e.g., fastening screws, brackets). We check the horizontal and vertical position of the fence and overall stability.

Finishing and Final Touches
If the customer desires, we add additional fence elements, such as gates and gateways. We provide the customer with information about fence maintenance and recommend methods to maintain the appearance and functionality of the fence for a long time.

Our team performs fence installation work with the utmost professionalism and responsibility, aiming to ensure customer satisfaction and the longevity of the fence.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive a quote for fence installation in your area.

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