Custom-made outdoor plant pots

We make outdoor plant pots from high-quality metal sheets. Durible outdoor plant pots are suitable for ornamental, perennial and tree planting.

Custom-made outdoor plant pots could also be a multifunctional exterior decoration that can be used as decorative walls or roadblocks.

Which outdoor plant pots can you order from us?

As we produce outdoor plant pots, we use special technology for the preparation of metal sheets. This ensures that our plant pots will maintain the same appearance for many years. In Lankstinys, we make plant pots individually, due to our client’s needs. So you always can:

  • You can choose the colour (e.g. to match the facade, terrace or fence). One of the most popular solutions is imitation of wood.
  • You can choose the size, shape, heigh.

Order and delivery

How to buy a outdoor plant pot?
You can call us: +37063178000
Contact us by e-mail: (please write the size and colour of the outdoor pot you would like to order).
Visit us: Pavasario g. 1, Budrikai (Jakai), Klaipėda district. Here you will be able to see the beds in person, consult, and order.


As with all our products, we can deliver outdoor plant pots throughout Lithuania.

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